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Al Mabrook Financials LLC is located in Canada at 130 Queens Quay East, Suite 1018,
Toronto, Ontario,
Canada M5A 0P6

Canada L5N 2X4

PHONE +1 (437) 553-7017

Email address:

What We Do

Mabrook aims to provide staking, vesting and crowdfunding opportunities for small to medium scale self-service investors and start-ups in Canada. The platform will support crypto currency-based investment. For the current pilot version of the website, investment options are not active.

We will be updating the privacy policy continously as the functionality of the website will be enhanced.

What type of information we store?

 The current pilot version showcases the proof of concept and the next phase will offer ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and token sale.

During these phases the platform will not save any personal data of the user not the user will need to register or provide any personal information.

The platform offers to subscribe to the wait list with email address, name and contact number however this is not mandatory.

In future, if you register for an account, we may ask for your contact information, including items such as name, company name, address, email address, and telephone number.

What do we do with the information?

 Our platform is based on the powerful blockchain technology that ensure that each client is anonymous on the chain. Your personal data is secured.

The information entered at the time of subscribing is kept and it is ensured that no information is shared with any other application or third party service providers.

This information is used by Mabrook to inform the interested users about our service launch and upcoming projects.

The email and contact number are used to send the relevant notifications only and it is not used for any sort of marketing campaigns unless otherwise confirmed prior to the campaign.

Get in Touch

In case of any inquiry or complain please get in touch with us at

Updated November 2022