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Are you looking to raise funds for your business or seeking secure investment opportunities in Canada, then Mabrook brings to you the guaranteed halal investment & funding prospects.


The First Shariah Compliant Tokenization Platform In Canada Is Coming Soon!

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House Renovation in Greater Toronto Area

The main idea of Mabrook is to maximize the profitability of the community and provide an opportunity for halal investments and returns. To prove ourselves, build credibility, and test the Al Mabrook platform, we have already initiated a Proof of Concept project by acquiring a property in Mississauga and renovating it.

We understand it's a hard time for the real estate market, and inflation is all-time high; however, we want to establish that we can convert the property into an attractive product for the market and generate halal profits by converting it into a three-family unit, improving quality within targetted budget.

Once proof of concept ends, we will publish the results with evidence and then re-invest the proceeds into the next project and invite our community members to co-invest with us.

Once we establish a reasonable amount of investors,  we are going to hand-pick various businesses from the community and invite them to use our platform to raise funds to grow their businesses while distributing a percentage of ownership to our investors like you.


Photo Gallery

Following media gallery showcase the Proof of Concept (POC) project for our community members. You can review details and discuss any questions on our social media pages, and we will be delighted to answer them.

Following media gallery showcase the Proof of Concept (POC) project for our community members. You can review details and discuss any questions on our social media pages, and we will be delighted to answer them.


About the Property: 759 Bloor Street is a residential property located in Applewood Mississauga; It is less than 15mins away from Toronto International Airport and less than 5-minute drive to Mississauga downtown. Detached Backsplit 4 52' x 146' Lot Backing on Silverthorne Park 3+1 Bedrooms /3 Baths, Double Garage, Hardwood Throughout Gate To Silverthorne Park Close to Transit (GO, Subway, Express Bus), Shopping, Schools, 427/401/QEW highways

Upper Floor

Access via Main Entrance 3 bedrooms, 3 washrooms, living room. kitchen and garage

Lower Floor and Basement

Separate entrance, kitchen, washroom, large bedroom and laundry room

Pilot Project Roadmap

June 2024

Ensuring that the property is fully prepared for sale and promptly listed on the market.

July 2024

Listing property in the market.

August 2024

Successfully close property sales and distribute the principal and profits among investors.

September 2024

Tokenization Platform Rollout for the Community.


First Shariah Compliant Blockchain Based Tokenization Platform In Canada

Mabrook is the world's first shariah-compliant asset tokenization platform built on robust blockchain technology. We aim to provide safe, efficient, and validated crowdfunding opportunities for our community members in Canada. The word 'Mabrook' is derived from the Arabic word 'Barakah' that is used as a wish for increasing blessings in terms of wealth, for protection from any financial difficulty or loss, and anticipation to continue to be blessed with gains.


Innovative, Inclusive & Futuristic

Our vision is to create an accessible, inclusive, and modern shariah-compliant capital market, empowering our community members or ethnic groups and promising shariah-certified companies to expand their business and create more jobs to deliver community-backed economic growth.

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Halal investment guidelines
It must be asset-based invesment.
It must not involve Riba.
It must be free of Gharar.
It must not involve businesses or activities that are unlawful..

Shariah Compliance & Governance

Mabrook is the world's first shariah compliant blockchain based tokenization platform. To ensure platform delivers a shariah compliant product and services, all smart contracts will follow a strict shariah governance framework and standards for Islamic financial products and services, including AAOIFI and IFSB, prescribed standards

Introduction Video

Introduction Video

Mabrook Proof of Concept Update

Work in progress update of the residential property in Mississauga!


Passionate Team Of Experts

Our team comprises of the best in the industry and a perfect blend of experts from Islamic Banking, Shariah Compliance and Audit, Software development and successful serial Entrepreneurs from community member

Mufti Ismail Desai

Chairman of Shariah Board

Fahad Siddiqui

Founder & CEO

Atif Aqeel

Co-Founder & Director

Haris Mohammed Khan

Co-Founder & Director

Mabrook Whitepapers & Publications

Browse through publications to learn more about Mabrook, our future roadmap and Industry News. whitepaper


Mabrook Token

This whitepaper elaborates the technical, business and architectur

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About Mabrook

This whitepaper discusses various aspects of our platform, the vis

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Your Brief Guide to Islamic Finance

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Our Solution’s Philosophy Is Based On Three Core Principles: Shariah Compliance, Trust & Credibility, Technical Excellence. Here’s What We Offer:

Shariah Compliance


Mabrook strictly complies with shariah regulations, including the structuring of funding and investment activities. It will enable all Ummah to save and raise capital by halal means easily. Our panel of experts will authenticate and validate every business or project

Crypto Wallet


Investors will have access to a dashboard to access their crypto wallet, digital shares-related documents, and investment portfolio. Using a dashboard, entrepreneurs and investors can also sell assets anywhere and anytime. Profit will also be distributed in the form of Mabrook tokens

Consultation & Validating Entrepreneurs


Each business will undergo a registration and screening procedure. The screening will include criminal, credit history and reference checks among community members. Our team will also ensure that the entrepreneurs don't have a history of scams. Our team of consultants and experts will help business owners to create effective campaigns on the platform and present their business plans, including audited accounting records and validating their business goals and targets.

Perks & Rewards


Once you invest in a business, you will start earning rewards through discounts, giveaways, or loyalty points to build a long-term relationship with the business owners and a sense of community

Invest With Cryptocurrency


You will need Mabrook Token to invest. The platform will accept various cryptocurrencies and let you convert them into Mabrook tokens. You can also buy Mabrook tokens using your Bank's debit card. The platform will also allow you to sell Mabrook tokens to another community member with ease

Asset Tokenization


Mabrook will digitize the company's share and issue Mabrook tokens on the blockchain. A Digital share certificate will be stored within each token, and each token will then represent one share in the company. All Tokens will be verified, traceable, and approved before investors can buy them using fiat currency or cryptocurrency

Staking And Vesting


First-ever Islamic staking will enable people to invest like a fix deposit account where they can invest into a general pool of funds (Mudaraba) fund directly by Mabrook and start earning short-term or recurring income on their savings in selected programs beginning from 30 days up to a year

Minimum Amount Of Investment


Start investing with as low as $100 and choose multiple businesses to share your money between them. You can start building your own safe and well-diversified portfolio


Invest The Smart Way

Safety & Fraud Protection


Mabrook will ensure that the startup capital is released based on success factors and paid in installments to mitigate risk. The community can vote to approve or reject any plan changes.

Traceability & Transparency


Mabrook is built on blockchain technology that ensures accountability on behalf of investors and business owners. All the transactions are audited and traceable. Our investors can track all transactions..

Data Protection & Security


Mabrook will apply the highest data security standard. Whether it is your personal information, digital equity shares, e-Wallet, or transactional data, the Mabrook app will use multi-tier security procedures.


Al Mabrook Islamic Asset Tokenization Platform


Phase 1: Proof Of Concept Launch

Platform Development and first real-estate project tokenized as PoC


Phase 2: STO Launch

Offer Asset-backed tokens (security tokens) to public


Phase 3: Staking & Vesting, Community Interaction

First ever Shariah compliant Mudharabah (profit sharing) based staking & vesting app


Phase 4: Asset Tokenization & Crowdfunding Platform Launch

Complete MVP of platform and launch first project and co-invest with community


Phase 5: Partnerships And Funding Campaigns

Showcase verified community projects and start funding campaigns.


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